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Hand crafted wooden spoons and bowls

By Hook And By Crook

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All my bowls and spoons are designed to be used for cooking and eating and are finished with raw Linseed oil which brings out the colours of the wood and helps protect the wood. One of the wonderful things about eating with wooden utensils is how they age and develop a unique patina with use. It is best to hand wash these items, but the odd ride in the dishwasher should not be a problem.

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Eating spoons, carved from various woods, the bowl width is approximately 4.5cm, £15

Welsh style dolphin spoons carved from cherry, £15

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Long handled cooking spoons, about 32cm long and carved from spalted beech, £20

These are cooking/serving spoons carved from cherry, and are around 23cm long, £20

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These pole-lathe turned bowls stack nicely, are approximately 16cm across and 6cm deep, though there is variation in both dimensions, £20 or £65 for a set of 4


Standard postage in the UK is £4 for spoons and bowls, including up to four stacking bowls.